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Rockstar’s stealth simulator Grand Theft Auto is in the works. They have not yet officially announced a release date but they are showing lots of new stuff at their Christmas press conference. There will of course be more revealations during the rest of the year. Their first big news is that they are developing a new game for consoles, likely to be named Grand Theft Auto V.

I can’t tell you what I think of the new game they are calling Rockstar’s Stealth Minivan. I wasn’t at the Christmas press conference, but from what I hear the concept seems interesting. The game will be like the older Batman games where you could drive around and get stolen targets. Only instead of committing any crimes you will be performing heists. Of course you will need to learn how to steal cars and other vehicles to do it. You’ll also need to learn how to perform difficult driving tricks and be able to steal the cars without getting caught.

In previous Rockstar games you had to sneak into some building and steal the money or items inside. That will be in this too. It looks like they are also working on a new version of the mini-games from Grand Theft Auto III. These games were fun but sometimes confusing too. Maybe a stealth simulator with better graphics and less confusion will get everyone interested again.

Will the new game be successful? Only time will tell. It doesn’t look like it will be selling very well, but it might just be a sleeper hit. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new game hitting the market so soon.

Will this game be like any of the previous Rockstar titles? Not necessarily. I have always loved the old games and this one looks to be no different. But will it be a big hit? It certainly appears that way from the article at Rockstargamesnews.

"It seems that everyone who plays Grand Theft Auto, wanted to do this with this new game too." That’s what I read from the article. I was wondering if it would be like the old "aste" video games where you had to steal and hold off opponents to get the goods. But it doesn’t sound like it will be similar. What about the new "steal the car" game where you need to get a specific amount of cars by the deadline. They don’t have the full story in it yet though.

This game could be a stealth simulator, or perhaps a cops and robbers game. No one is quite sure yet. It does look intriguing though. It also raises the question, if there is going to be one more Grand Theft Auto game, will it be a multiplayer or single player game?

Rockstargamesnews reports that there will be a beta version of the new game out before Christmas, 2009. If you’re hoping for that Christmas special edition of the Grand Theft Auto, it may not come out until next year. No release date has been given just yet. So you’ll have to wait and see if your lucky enough to score a copy.

Will the beta version give you all the content available in the full version? There is a rumor that there will be some extra things added that weren’t in the beta. Could they be extra items to buy? Could they be added scenes from other movies? One possibility is that they are all newly added, but still have to test them.

Is there any info on a possible price and pre-order bonuses for this new game? No info is given. But you already know that pre-ordering is hot right now. Any rockstopper worth their salt is already looking forward to receiving their copies of Grand Theft Auto Online. Expectations are high.

Will Rockstar be working with any Hollywood talent to promote this new game? No news on this one. I’m not sure that having the talent involved would hurt the sales of the game. I also wouldn’t expect any problems associated with the quality of the video game since it’s Rockstar.

Will the game have single player and multiple player options? Yes, it will have both. You can play it single player by yourself or up to two people can join you at the same time. Multiple players can switch between characters. They can also do split-screen co-op which is an excellent mode of playing the new game.

Will the Rockstar crew be making more Red Dead updates in the future? Yes, they will. The Rockstalkers New Vegas expansion will surely follow up on their amazing launch and will add another entertaining chapter to the popular video game.

If you’re looking for more information about the newest video game then I highly recommend you checking out the Rockstalkers New Vegas Review. It is a full review of the new game and you can’t go wrong with it. If you’re new to video games then this may be the best video game article that you’ll read. It’s definitely worth your time.

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