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Donald trump’s campaign rally postponed after heavy criticism

On "Juneteenth," of all days, the day commemorating the end of slavery, Trump wanted to mobilize his supporters to Tulsa. That earned him a shitstorm.

Houses burned in Tulsa on June 1, 1921, as a white lynch mob went murdering through a black neighborhood Photo: reuters/Library of Congress

After massive criticism, U.S. President Donald Trump is postponing his first campaign event in more than three months. The rally in Tulsa (Oklahoma) will now take place next Saturday instead of the day before as planned, Trump announced on Twitter. The timing and location for Trump’s rally had come under criticism against the backdrop of protests against racism and police violence in the U.S. following the death of African-American George Floyd.

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Elections in ivory coast: the great fear

In Ivory Coast, President Ouattara is running for re-election on Saturday. Opponents are calling for a boycott. Dozens have already died in the election campaign.

The police station set on fire by opposition militants in the town of Bonoua on Aug. 13 Photo: Luc Ghago/reuters

BONOUA/ Fernand Wognin Sangha is busy. In the blazing midday sun, he hands out T-shirts with the portrait of President Alassane Ouattara. He checks that the white and blue plastic chairs are standing neatly and checks the music system. Two hours remain before the Ivory Coast’s health minister is due to arrive in Bonoua. An important visit for the town, thinks Fernand Wognin Sangha, youth organizer of the ruling RHDP (Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and the People) in the town. That the 78-year-old president will not come in person is a pity, but all right, he says. "He can’t be everywhere so close to the election," says the young politician.

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Syrian not allowed into berlin clinic: despite head shot

For patients from Saudi Arabia or Russia, a visa for Germany is routine. But not for Muhammed Al Mousa. Because he is Syrian.

Muhammed Al Mousa 2015. photo: private

For a year, Muhammed Al Mousa has been waiting to be operated on. The thirty-year-old English student was shot in the head by a sniper in the Syrian city of Homs. Badly injured, he was forced to flee. He was literally carried across the border to Turkey by helpers. That was in 2012. Today, Al Mousa lives with his wife and child in the city of Gaziantep and waits.

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Vw focuses on e-mobility: volkswagen pretends to be good and green.

VW employees receive the highest bonus since 2015. The carmaker wants to make its technology for e-cars available to other manufacturers.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess presents the electronic VW I.D. Buggy at the Geneva Motor Show Photo: dpa

Despite the diesel scandal, Wolfburg-based carmaker Volkswagen is doing splendidly in terms of profits and sales figures. Unlike the aggrieved customers, employees should also benefit from this. An article in the employee magazine "Mitbestimmen" said that the 100,000 employees covered by collective bargaining agreements will each receive 4750 euros as a profit-sharing bonus. This is the highest sum since 2015, when just under 6,000 euros were paid, it said. The profit-sharing scheme for pay-scale employees is governed by a collective agreement.

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Video conferencing with citizen participation: the hour of the emoji

Bremen’s Senator for Education Claudia Bogedan defends her Corona policy. She took questions from citizens in a video conference.

At home or not? Where learning takes place is the subject of bitter battles Photo: Oitver Mueller/Imago

Claudia Bogedan (SPD) is quite satisfied with her decisions. At a panel discussion – online, of course – Bremen’s children’s and education senator defended her agency’s course on face-to-face teaching in the midst of the lockdown and fielded questions from citizens*.

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Republican tv debate: loud freaks

Differences are crystallizing at the fourth TV debate. No matter who it will be, there would be a shift to the right.

The candidates on Tuesday night in Milwaukee. Photo: ap

At the fourth TV debate, the Republican field is thinning out, and differences between the candidates are crystallizing. Their dividing lines run along immigration policy, dealing with Russian President Putin, the Pacific Free Trade Agreement (TPP) and US military interventions.

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Dispute over transport policy in berlin: spd prefers the underground

The SPD wants to extend five subway lines. With this move, the party continues its political attacks on the Greens.

She pays cash: Giffey buying tickets in the subway on Friday, on the left Raed Saleh Photo: dpa

In addition to its passion for cars, Berlin’s SPD now also presents its heart for subways and their users. According to the will of the designated chairmen Raed Saleh and Franziska Giffey, no less than five lines are to be extended, if possible in the next ten years, including the U3 to the Mexikoplatz S-Bahn station, the Markisches Viertel is to be connected to the U8, and finally Saleh and Giffey have in mind a subway station for line 7 at BER. Both presented these plans on Friday during a subway ride in Rudow, where Giffey – currently still Federal Minister for Family Affairs – is running for the Berlin House of Representatives in 2021.

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Taz debate on trash column: who speaks? Who is silent?

The taz consists of many very different voices. But not all of them speak under the same conditions.

So many windows, so many perspectives. taz building in Berlin-Kreuzberg Photo: Paul Langrock

This text is part of an internal editorial debate about the column "All cops are professionally unfit" by our author:in Hengameh Yaghoobifarah. There will be further, contradictory texts in the coming days.

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Special purpose entity instex established: eu wants to continue trade with iran

Germany, France and Britain want to save the nuclear agreement with Iran. They have developed a system to circumvent US sanctions.

With special purpose vehicle INSTEX, EU wants to resume trade with Iran

Germany, France and Britain want to launch this Thursday the planned system to circumvent U.S. economic sanctions against Iran, according to information from Deutsche Presse-Agentur. Specifically, it is to be officially confirmed that a company has been established through which payment transactions for Iranian business can be processed if private banks no longer agree to do so due to the threat of U.S. penalties.

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