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The third day of the Chinese Consumer Electronics Show in Beijing, China, automotive news will be front and center. Michael Manley, managing editor-in-chief of Automotive News magazine, will keynote the opening meeting, which will feature a discussion of the latest trends in China. David Schoch, director of Ford’s China operations, and Jim Press, former Toyota and Chrysler global head, will both speak on the second day. The day will conclude with an important announcement from the participating companies. Stay tuned!

Automotive News was among the first foreign media to be invited to attend the Chinese Consumer Electronics Show. The organizers made good use of our submission, calling our bureau with questions about their plans for the exhibition. We reported that Manley would be keynote speaker at the event and that he’d be giving a presentation on the subject of "Chinese Automotive Technology." We also reported that Manley would be making a trip to China to inspect the Bejing factory that makes Ford’s popular QM. Since our article ran, there have been other developments regarding the Chinese automotive show.

The Chinese government announced that the annual Chinese Consumer Electronics Show will be held in April, followed by another international automotive trade show in July. These two shows represent the biggest events in the Chinese automotive industry since the introduction of the Beijing International Auto show in 2021. It is also interesting to note that the Chinese auto manufacturers are planning to host a separate event in the same city in 2021. We expect that the theme of these two events will be convergence, with the Chinese automobile manufacturers drawing more foreign attention through the participation of these big events.

While attending the auto show in Shanghai, we were impressed with the arrangements for the conference. The main exhibition hall was separated into different zones for discussions between international participants. It is obvious that resources have been allocated to the Shanghai automotive industry to promote it. The venue was impressive, considering that the area is one of the biggest in the region. At each side of the exhibition center, massive posters of all the major manufacturers in the world can be seen advertising their products.

Another interesting feature of the Chinese Consumer Electronics exhibition and the Chinese auto show was the localization of information and the provision of literature for the foreign visitors. In addition, an interesting program was developed to disseminate information on the forthcoming event. This program was facilitated by the participants themselves and it included a Q&A session with the top officials of the Chinese auto industry. These officials gave us detailed information on the strategies they plan to use to improve the competitiveness of the Chinese market.

The Shanghai session of the Chinese Consumer Electronics Association also took us to some interesting topics. The topics ranged from issues regarding the localization of information to issues related to the economic structure of China and the role of the government in the economy of the country. We were also introduced to the members of the board of directors of the Chinese Automobile Industry Association. We learned from them that most of the members of the board are now involved in business in different fields, with the state providing them with annual financing. The news China conference allowed us to hear some interesting comments from the Chinese automobile CEOs who were also invited to attend the conference.

At the end of the conference, the delegates were presented with a business strategy map. The map was developed by the Shanghai Association of Business and suggested ways for the Chinese automakers to strengthen their competitiveness. The plan was adopted as the basis for the preparations for the third and fourth Chinese New Economy Fair. Although the fair was held only once in China, many Chinese consumers are familiar with it. In this day and age, a lot of Chinese are now looking for information about new products and manufacturers that can help them improve their lives and make their dream come true.

We were also introduced to the Shanghai Auto Show, another fair organized by the association of businessmen and introduced by the Beijing Auto Show. During the event, the Chinese manufacturers and their foreign and local counterparts were able to come together to share information and strengthen their relationship between each other. This could help them build better ties with the Japanese and European manufacturers. The meeting lasted for three days and gave the Chinese and foreign participants the chance to meet each other face-to-face. The Chinese automakers are making good use of the opportunities offered by the Beijing Auto Show this year.

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