Big als auto repair: finding quality work for your car

In Newport News, Virginia, big Al’s auto repair shop owner Tom DeRienzo can be found in the parking lot of Carillon’s Gas Station. It’s not uncommon for him to drive an old gray stretch truck with vinyl siding and no interior. Most of the time though he’s inside working on cars, fix what he can and generally making deals. The atmosphere at the big Als is often jovial as customers and staff mingle in the parking lot, fill up their cars and disappear into the various service departments of cars waiting to be fixed. While some customers simply drop by to have a look around, most stop for a free quote, either on an emergency or an easy, routine repair.

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For example, one afternoon several elderly couples stopped by to have their tires rotated. Tom informed them that he had some extra car oil and would be able to do the job right there in the shop. The couple left with a smile on their faces as they were taken to another mechanic for their next appointment. When they returned, the mechanic who had just performed the initial service now had two cars needing repair, one in a front end collision and one in a back-end accident, and was ready to go on the spot.

Another morning, three teenage boys stopped by to get their oil changed. Upon entering the service area, they noticed a giant oil drum on the center of the parking lot. When they asked where the oil drum came from, a burly mechanic wearing a large, visor-like helmet came out from under the apron and answered with, "That’s my customer’s car." The boys thanked him and continued on their way. Moments later the mechanic returned to the car and removed the oil from the drum and placed it in the car’s tank.

The boss of Als, Tom DeRienzo, has more than 40 years experience in auto repair. During his time at all, he’s known for bringing fast, reliable work to his customers. He enjoys working on new and used cars alike. The Big Als Auto Repair Shop is his shop of choice because his workers can handle any make or model of vehicle, regardless of the age. This allows Tom to provide service to not only old cars but also to newer ones.

The atmosphere inside Big Als Auto Repair is relaxed yet professional. Most of the time, the workers smile and make jokes, but there are times when a technician is in the shop that has a hard face. This is when the atmosphere turns into an extremely loud and irritating screech as the workers begin to yell at each other in an attempt at a friendly conversation. The employees try their best to have good customer relationships but they still don’t always get along. But, as with any team, there is always a time when everyone realizes they should stick together instead of trying to rip each other off.

If you are in need of auto repair, you should visit Big Als Auto Repair in Salisbury, Maryland today. This shop is recommended by many people, and one of them is your own mechanic. Once you take your car in for service, you will be happy that you decided to go here instead of some place else. You will probably be very impressed with the quality of service that they provide. They really care about their clients and their work, which is why they offer low prices on most services.

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