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Russian athletes at olympics: sports court says “nyet” to participation

A number of Russian athletes were hoping to compete in Pyeongchang after all. The CAS sports court has rejected their complaint at the last minute.

Still skiing down the mountain, but not in Pyeongchang: Russian biathlete Anton Schipulin Photo: imago/Gepa Pictures

The team, which goes by the acronym OAR, wears black and white. It doesn’t look very nice, and that’s probably how it was intended. On the back of the training jackets it says "Olympic Athlete from Russia". The athletes are not allowed to show the Russian colors, not even to wear the flag when crossing the finish line or on the ice oval. It’s all part of the sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s not-so-clean sports ambassadors in the past.

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Public toilets in london: looking for the crapper

For World Toilet Day, when Rachel Cole-Wilkin moved to London, she could barely find a free loo. She’s been offering toilet tours ever since.

Photo: Gabor Monori/Unsplash

On average, everyone spends between one and a half and three years in the loo. But Rachel Cole-Wilkin spends half her life there. The 29-year-old moved to London from San Francisco seven years ago to study acting. Why she stayed after graduation? She cares deeply about public restrooms.

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Mark ernestus on the senegal sound: “musically on a common denominator”.

Berlin techno producer Mark Ernestus recorded an album with local musicians in Dakar. He can’t get the rhythm of Mbalax out of his head.

"Live music has a considerably higher status in Senegal than it does here." Image: Promo

site: In 2012, a protest movement for more democracy demonstrated in Senegal. Did you notice anything of it when you traveled to Dakar?

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Next round in the undercover drama: covert liaisons

Hamburg police admit the fundamental illegality of the use of undercover investigator Maria B. – in order to prevent an investigation.

Popular meeting place for leftists and informers: Rote Flora in Hamburg. Photo: Christian Charisius/dpa

The full body deployment of the undercover investigator (VE) Maria B. under the cover name "Maria Block" remains – for now – further a secret commando matter. The Administrative Court of Hamburg rejected the complaint of a Berlin activist against the police. He wanted to have it established that Maria B.’s sexual relationship with him as an alleged target during her undercover operation was illegal.

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