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Elections in ivory coast: the great fear

In Ivory Coast, President Ouattara is running for re-election on Saturday. Opponents are calling for a boycott. Dozens have already died in the election campaign.

The police station set on fire by opposition militants in the town of Bonoua on Aug. 13 Photo: Luc Ghago/reuters

BONOUA/ Fernand Wognin Sangha is busy. In the blazing midday sun, he hands out T-shirts with the portrait of President Alassane Ouattara. He checks that the white and blue plastic chairs are standing neatly and checks the music system. Two hours remain before the Ivory Coast’s health minister is due to arrive in Bonoua. An important visit for the town, thinks Fernand Wognin Sangha, youth organizer of the ruling RHDP (Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and the People) in the town. That the 78-year-old president will not come in person is a pity, but all right, he says. "He can’t be everywhere so close to the election," says the young politician.

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Video conferencing with citizen participation: the hour of the emoji

Bremen’s Senator for Education Claudia Bogedan defends her Corona policy. She took questions from citizens in a video conference.

At home or not? Where learning takes place is the subject of bitter battles Photo: Oitver Mueller/Imago

Claudia Bogedan (SPD) is quite satisfied with her decisions. At a panel discussion – online, of course – Bremen’s children’s and education senator defended her agency’s course on face-to-face teaching in the midst of the lockdown and fielded questions from citizens*.

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Republican tv debate: loud freaks

Differences are crystallizing at the fourth TV debate. No matter who it will be, there would be a shift to the right.

The candidates on Tuesday night in Milwaukee. Photo: ap

At the fourth TV debate, the Republican field is thinning out, and differences between the candidates are crystallizing. Their dividing lines run along immigration policy, dealing with Russian President Putin, the Pacific Free Trade Agreement (TPP) and US military interventions.

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U.s. Democrats in the pre-election campaign: unusually socially engaged

All of a sudden, Democrats are arguing over who is furthest left. Sanders and Warren are in form, Biden seems to have had his day.

Many expected a clash – instead, Sanders and Warren played ball with each other Photo: ap

"Fire Pantaleo," echoes through the hall as the Democratic presidential candidates debate broadcast by CNN opens in Detroit on Wednesday night. The heckling is a call to arms for New York Mayor and sideline presidential candidate Bill de Blasio, who is struggling to fire Pantaleo, the police officer in whose chokehold cigarette salesman Eric Garner died five years ago. Later, other hecklers point out the practice of deportations: "Stop the deportations," they demand. Meanwhile, on stage, the Democrats are bashing each other’s pasts.

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Medico on development policy: “a lot of good things cashed in again”.

…and may be on the verge of eradicating polio with his vaccination program.

But if he doesn’t want to do that tomorrow, he can just stop. Help must be based on legal principles.

58, is executive director of the Frankfurt-based aid and human rights organization medico international; which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for its fight against landmines. "Beyond Aid" is the title of a conference in Frankfurt this weekend. In addition to medico, the organizers are the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, the Heinrich Boll Foundation and the Institute for Social Research at Frankfurt University.

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Political debate culture: is the us president mentally ill?

Journalists and psychologists like to diagnose Trump with a mental disorder. This is fatal – for psychiatry and for society.

Insane or insanely rational, doing what his voters expect him to do? Donald Trump Photo: dpa

Michael Wolff’s insider report "Fire and fury. Inside the Trump White House" about Donald Trump’s unstable and immature personality has reignited the debate about the mental health of the US president. "Donald Trump is on his way to dementia," writes Jakob Augstein on Spiegel Online. Psychiatrists and psychologists comment on the question of whether Trump has a mental illness in talk and late-night shows, interviews and newspaper articles.

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Palliative care and assisted suicide: another sip of whiskey

Every person with health insurance in Germany is entitled to palliative care. Unfortunately, very few people know this – and that’s not good.

No one should die alone: scene from a hospice in Offenburg Photo: Ute Grabowsky/photothek/imago

Every time I read something on the subject of euthanasia, I get tired. So you can imagine that I have been very tired over the past year. More precisely, since February 2020, when the Federal Constitutional Court overturned the regulation on assisted suicide that had been in force until then.

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Robots in care: practical tests still pending

They have been announced for a long time. But in everyday practice, robots have so far been used almost exclusively for simple assistance.

There is still a great need for research into the use of care robots Photo: dpa

The challenge is clear: More and more people in Germany are getting older, and many of them are becoming nursing cases. What is less clear is how our society should prepare for the impending "nursing emergency." Can technology provide a solution, possibly even the use of robots to help people in need of care?

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Rigaer strabe divides police leadership: police chief undeterred

Police chief Kandt should have known that the partial evacuation of Rigaer94 was illegal. His vice president had warned early on, they say.

Demonstration in front of Riager94 in July 2016 Photo: dpa

Whether the topic of video surveillance, the establishment of a position for an independent police commissioner or the abolition of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution – there is much to discuss when the Red-Red-Green coalition meets to discuss the topic of internal security. Police Commissioner Klaus Kandt will also be discussed. With still Interior Senator Frank Henkel (CDU), Kandt is immovably linked to the scandal around Rigaer Strabe 94, which took its course in the summer.

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