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Economist on central banks in corona crisis: “liquidity from nothing”.

How can states financially shoulder the corona crisis? With a new monetary and fiscal policy, says economist Paul Steinhardt.

Stronghold of monetary stability: the ECB in Frankfurt am Main Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa

site: Mr. Steinhardt, in order to mitigate the corona crisis, the federal and state governments are taking on large debts. But because of the debt brake in the Basic Law, these loans must also be repaid in the coming years. What do you think about that?

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Eu stability pact: green pact so far only on paper

The new EU economic commissioner wants to review deficit rules to finance more climate protection. Germany is skeptical.

EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Gentiloni wants more climate protection Photo: Yves Herman/reuters

The European Union is considering relaxing strict debt rules to promote sustainable growth and finance the European Green Deal. The controversial Stability Pact needs to be put to the test, said new EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni. The review should begin as early as January.

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Sea rescue in the mediterranean: the iuventa will not be released

The ship of the aid organization Jugend Rettet remains impounded. This was decided on Tuesday by the Italian Supreme Court in Rome.

The day after the seizure in August 2017: the Iuventa in the port of Lampedusa Photo: dpa

It is a bitter blow for the aid organization Jugend Rettet: Their ship, the Iuventa, remains impounded. The Court of Cassation in Rome, the highest legal authority in Italy, has rejected the organization’s appeal and confirmed the decision of the lower court in Trapani, Sicily, last September. An appeal is not possible. The legal means to take action in Italy against the seizure of the ship have thus been exhausted.

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Commentary european social charter: the fairy tale of social europe

A "social pillar" in Europe is long overdue. But the EU Commission’s proposals are at best a fig leaf.

EU Commission President Juncker: in search of a social Europe Photo: ap

The EU Commission has presented its plans for a "social pillar" in Europe. This is long overdue. Jacques Delors had already promised a social Europe when he introduced the single market in the 1990s. The opening and liberalization of national markets had to be accompanied and cushioned by social policy, so the theory went.

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Wave of arrests in turkey: “cumhuriyet” builds on solidarity

Even after the arrest of 13 employees, the traditional newspaper continues. Tuesday’s edition is published with the title "We won’t give up".

The protest continues, the newspaper continues to print: Demonstration for "Cumhuriyet" in Istanbul Photo: dpa

In its 93-year publishing history, Cumhuriyet has faced many a battle. Its journalists have not only been threatened or imprisoned, but seven of them have been murdered; in the 1990s, this was almost normal.

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Parliamentary election in morocco: moderate islamists win

Prime Minister Benkirane can continue to govern. But he must look for his coalition partners in a divided country.

Women voters of the PJD celebrate victory Photo: dpa

Morocco’s Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane can remain in office for another five years. His moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD) emerged victorious once again from last Friday’s election. In the future, Benkirane will have 125 of the total 395 deputies behind him. As in 2011, when the PJD won 107 seats in Parliament, Benkirane will have to look for coalition partners.

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Left party before the party conference: party of contribution cheats

Membership in the Left Party is expensive, even for low-income earners. That’s why many pay less than they should. A motion wants to change that.

Expensive supporters: The Left Party does not come cheap Photo: dpa

Publicly, the Left Party is currently happy about the influx of many younger members. Indeed, at the end of the federal election year, the Left had 62,300 members, about 3,400 more than a year earlier. But if you look closely, the situation doesn’t look quite as positive as the party’s executive board claims. As internal documents obtained by the taz show, the average age has hardly changed between 20. In the western associations it is still in the mid-40s, in the eastern associations in the mid to late 60s.

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Synagogue in kreuzberg: under the sign of rebuilding

The synagogue on Fraenkelufer, destroyed by the Nazis, is to be rebuilt to provide more space for Jewish life again.

A proposal: this is how architect Kilian Enders sees the new synagogue building in a first draft Photo: Kilian Enders, D/FORM

It borders on a miracle that these pictures are hanging here. War photographer Robert Capa took them in September 1945. The black-and-white photographs show scenes from the first service after the Shoah, which took place in the synagogue on Fraenkelufer, for the Jewish New Year, Rosh ha-Shanah.

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Dispute over pesticide approval: uba calls for halt to 18 agricultural poisons

"Illegal" approvals to be revoked: In the pesticide dispute, the top environmental authority takes on the Consumer Protection Agency.

A perfect world. But it only exists without pesticides Photo: dpa

The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is standing up to the controversial approvals recently given to 18 weed and insect poisons, including one containing glyphosate. Maria Krautzberger, president of the top environmental agency, has sent a letter to Helmut Tschiersky, president of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL), urging him to "withdraw the temporary approvals you have granted."

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“The bacchae” at the burgtheater in vienna: ecstasies in four-four time

The tragedy "The Bacchae" by Euripides gets an update at Vienna’s Burgtheater. Director Ulrich Rasche turns Dionysus into a rage citizen.

On the treadmills, the actors march and chant in unison Photo: Andreas Pohlmann/Burgtheater

At Vienna’s Burgtheater, Thebes is a portal-filling gun turret. Hydraulics raise, lower and rotate the dark mass of supports, girders, pistons and gears slowly and steadily in the glaring side light against a black stage background, erasing even the most delicate thought of resistance. In his production of "The Bacchae," Ulrich Rasche thus arms the city against the threat of decomposition through the intoxicating, flowing, all-reconciling, precisely Dionysian, with which Euripides, in his last surviving tragedy, performed in 405 B.C., makes conditions dance.

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