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New law in hungary: helping refugees now punishable by law

"Aiding and abetting illegal migration" is now a crime in Hungary. What exactly lies behind the term is not so clear. But it is clear what Orban wants to achieve.

Not only for refugees, but also for people who want to help them, it is getting dark in Hungary Photo: dpa

In Hungary, pressure is mounting on civil organizations that help refugees. With the votes of the right-wing nationalist government majority and the radical right-wing Jobbik party, Budapest’s parliament on Wednesday passed a law that imposes criminal penalties for "aiding and abetting illegal migration." The amendment to the penal code contained in the law provides for arrest penalties for violators, as well as prison sentences of up to one year for repeat offenders.

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Commentary forest damage report: doing nothing is climate denial

Thanks to climate change, it’s getting too hot and too dry for many conifers. But Agriculture Minister Julia Klockner is doing – nothing.

This does not look good Photo: dpa

Anyone who talks about forest dieback in this country is in danger of quickly making a fool of themselves. One-third of Germany is covered by trees in contiguous areas, and this is commonly referred to as forest. But not even three percent of it is actually forest – in other words, natural forest ecosystems. Everything else is farmed forest, a few mixed forests and mostly monocultures.

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Lobbycontrol on federal government: black-red sees red

The LobbyControl association draws a negative balance of the grand coalition. It is partly responsible for scandals such as Dieselgate.

LobbyControl accuses the grand coalition of failure Photo: dpa

Under the motto "Sit out instead of start", the non-profit association LobbyControl presented its lobby report on the grand coalition in Berlin on Wednesday. Conclusion: lobbying in Germany is largely non-transparent and poorly regulated. "Black-Red has failed in lobby control," said Imke Dierben, political director of LobbyControl.

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Eben column: patriotism, not fascism

It is the modern world that does not understand the Croats. That is why they have to take care of themselves.

One uses the nail file, the other thinks the swastika is his cure. Photo: complize (photocase)

One makes his hands beautiful, the other makes them dirty. One takes care of himself, the other suffers from collective vitamin deficiency. One uses a nail file, the other thinks the swastika is his cure.

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Police action in limburg: man drives truck into cars

In Limburg, a man hijacks a truck and drives it into cars. Nine people are injured. The background of the incident remains unclear.

A truck crashed into several stationary vehicles in Limburg, Hesse Photo: Thorsten Wagner/dpa

Even after many hours of crime scene work and witness interviews, the background of the truck incident in Limburg, Hesse, remains unclear. On Monday evening, a man had hijacked a truck and drove it into several cars. According to police, eight people were injured, all of whom have since been able to leave the hospital. The truck driver had also been slightly injured.

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“Extra 3” song about “bild” newspaper: insult to aesthetics

The song against the "Bild" newspaper presents itself as enlightened and critical. But it plays with flat cliches. Who likes it "blunt" here?

Hate comments against refugees on the "Alan Kurdi" – unacceptable for the "Bild" newspaper Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina

The NDR satire program "Extra 3" has published a song calling for people to stop reading the Bild newspaper. "Now here is Hetz-Bube again trump / and the Bild-Krawallchef Reichelt mags gern blunt," it bumps over the melody of "Help" by the Beatles. In the accompanying video, Bild is read on the toilet. If the song is meant to be an insult, it primarily hits humorous and aesthetic norms. But when it goes against the tabloid, the knowing public shows its particularly low thigh-slapping standards.

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Strategy paper for eastern germany: a fast network for the east

30 years after the fall of the Wall, the CDU and SPD want to promote the east. Why? Three state elections are coming up in the fall.

Will a new federal office soon be created here? Ihlow in the Upper Barnim (Brandenburg) Photo: Simone Kuhlmey

The battle against right-wing populists will be fought not only in the European elections in May, but also in the state elections in the fall in Saxony, Brandenburg and Thuringia. In all three states, the AfD may even become the strongest party. The CDU/CSU and SPD have now set out in papers how they intend to win over voters between Schwedt and Zwickau 30 years after the fall of the Wall. The stakes are high for both parties. The SPD governs in all three states, while the CDU/CSU must keep the AfD at bay in Saxony.

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