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Elections in ivory coast: the great fear

In Ivory Coast, President Ouattara is running for re-election on Saturday. Opponents are calling for a boycott. Dozens have already died in the election campaign.

The police station set on fire by opposition militants in the town of Bonoua on Aug. 13 Photo: Luc Ghago/reuters

BONOUA/ Fernand Wognin Sangha is busy. In the blazing midday sun, he hands out T-shirts with the portrait of President Alassane Ouattara. He checks that the white and blue plastic chairs are standing neatly and checks the music system. Two hours remain before the Ivory Coast’s health minister is due to arrive in Bonoua. An important visit for the town, thinks Fernand Wognin Sangha, youth organizer of the ruling RHDP (Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and the People) in the town. That the 78-year-old president will not come in person is a pity, but all right, he says. "He can’t be everywhere so close to the election," says the young politician.

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Dispute over transport policy in berlin: spd prefers the underground

The SPD wants to extend five subway lines. With this move, the party continues its political attacks on the Greens.

She pays cash: Giffey buying tickets in the subway on Friday, on the left Raed Saleh Photo: dpa

In addition to its passion for cars, Berlin’s SPD now also presents its heart for subways and their users. According to the will of the designated chairmen Raed Saleh and Franziska Giffey, no less than five lines are to be extended, if possible in the next ten years, including the U3 to the Mexikoplatz S-Bahn station, the Markisches Viertel is to be connected to the U8, and finally Saleh and Giffey have in mind a subway station for line 7 at BER. Both presented these plans on Friday during a subway ride in Rudow, where Giffey – currently still Federal Minister for Family Affairs – is running for the Berlin House of Representatives in 2021.

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Taz debate on trash column: who speaks? Who is silent?

The taz consists of many very different voices. But not all of them speak under the same conditions.

So many windows, so many perspectives. taz building in Berlin-Kreuzberg Photo: Paul Langrock

This text is part of an internal editorial debate about the column "All cops are professionally unfit" by our author:in Hengameh Yaghoobifarah. There will be further, contradictory texts in the coming days.

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U.s. Democrats in the pre-election campaign: unusually socially engaged

All of a sudden, Democrats are arguing over who is furthest left. Sanders and Warren are in form, Biden seems to have had his day.

Many expected a clash – instead, Sanders and Warren played ball with each other Photo: ap

"Fire Pantaleo," echoes through the hall as the Democratic presidential candidates debate broadcast by CNN opens in Detroit on Wednesday night. The heckling is a call to arms for New York Mayor and sideline presidential candidate Bill de Blasio, who is struggling to fire Pantaleo, the police officer in whose chokehold cigarette salesman Eric Garner died five years ago. Later, other hecklers point out the practice of deportations: "Stop the deportations," they demand. Meanwhile, on stage, the Democrats are bashing each other’s pasts.

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Prepper network with enemies list: affected persons are informed

A police officer and a lawyer from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are said to have issued death lists. Now the first people affected are being informed.

Mecklenburg’s Ministry of the Interior has so far not considered it necessary to inform those affected Photo: dpa

Since last Friday, several people in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have received mail from the Federal Criminal Police Office. "Witness summons" is written in it as the subject. And then the crime under investigation: "Suspicion of preparation of a serious act of violence endangering the state." It is about right-wing extremist terror plans. As became known after a meeting of the state interior committee in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania last Thursday, 29 people are said to be involved.

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Racism in the usa: murder of jogger becomes a political issue

Two white men shot and killed a black jogger in the U.S. in February, with a video allegedly showing the crime. Now they have been arrested.

The initial lack of investigation caused outrage and demonstrations Photo: Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News/ap

The chase scene, in which two white men shoot a black jogger, takes place in broad daylight. On the open street. Right in front of the front yards of well-kept single-family homes on Satilla Drive on the outskirts of Brunswick in the state of Georgia. The two perpetrators parked their truck in the middle of the street. Jogger Ahmaud Arbery runs around the truck – straight into the deadly trap.

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Genocide in rwanda: life imprisonment for “intent to exterminate

Frankfurt Higher Regional Court sentences ex-mayor Onesphore Rwabukombe to life imprisonment – tightening a first sentence.

The court sees the "special gravity of guilt": Onesphore Rwabukombe. Photo: dpa

When on the morning of April 11, 1994, soldiers, gendarmes, policemen, Hutu militiamen and civilians with machetes, lances, clubs. axes and hoes appeared in front of the church of Kiziguru in Rwanda, the approximately 460 Tutsis inside the church building knew that their hour had struck.

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New novel by michael wildenhain: do you have to be like odysseus?

Michael Wildenhain has written a novel about mathematics and failure. "The Invention of Zero" asks about a fulfilled life.

One of the novel’s settings: The Gorges du Verdon gorge in southern France Photo: imago

You can find this book exciting without being a mathematician. The zero that is invented in Michael Wildenhain’s novel of the same name is also a zero hour, a new beginning, almost a rebirth, because it leads through the Gorges du Verdon, a gorge at the end of which the sea and the light await.

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After fire in moria refugee camp: spd relents

Germany must take in several thousand refugees from Greece, SPD leader Esken had demanded. Now the SPD is giving in to pressure from the CDU/CSU.

Migrants on the island of Lesbos sleep next to a tent Photo: Petros Giannakourisdpa

Germany wants to provide even more aid after the Moria fire disaster and take in 1,553 additional refugees from five Greek islands. The CDU/CSU and SPD agreed on this on Tuesday, as Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) announced in Berlin. These are 408 families with children who have already been recognized as in need of protection in Greece.

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