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Column right trash: an elitist clan

Internal materials confirm mentality, financial channels and structural makeup: The Identitarians are an authoritarian hierarchical group.

Here, once again, an Identitarian makes himself a "victim" Photo: dpa

"Where do you see your personal strengths?" – "Rhetoric or self-defense? – "What do your friends and family think about your attitude?" – "What is your position on other organizations such as: III. Weg, NPD, Die Rechte, AfD" – "Where do you see yourself in 2 years within the movement?". The questions from the Identitarian Movement (IB) activist questionnaire suggest that not all interested people can become activists right away. "Political mass movements" tend toward "opportunism" is also stated in the internal materials available to the taz.

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Robots in care: practical tests still pending

They have been announced for a long time. But in everyday practice, robots have so far been used almost exclusively for simple assistance.

There is still a great need for research into the use of care robots Photo: dpa

The challenge is clear: More and more people in Germany are getting older, and many of them are becoming nursing cases. What is less clear is how our society should prepare for the impending "nursing emergency." Can technology provide a solution, possibly even the use of robots to help people in need of care?

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Fatal stabbing in kandel: afd fuels hysterical debate

The AfD is brutally exploiting the death of a 15-year-old girl long before the details are clear. The controversial issue of family reunification lacks any lobby.

Time to mourn? Not for the AfD Photo: dpa

In Berlin, a 19-year-old tried to drown his ex-girlfriend in the Havel River last Wednesday; in Darmstadt, two days later, a 16-year-old stabbed his former girlfriend and critically injured her; this Wednesday, in Kandel, Rhineland-Palatinate, a 15-year-old killed a girl of the same age with a kitchen knife in a drugstore.

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Right-wing extremist brotherhood: united against the others

In the north, the right-wing scene is moving closer together. Criticism of asylum and refugee policy makes earlier trench warfare forgotten.

Now marching together against refugees: "concerned citizens" and right-wing extremists Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka/ dpa

Right-wing extremists are profiting from the controversial debate about asylum and refugee policy: at marches and actions, it can also be observed in the north that the scene, from NPD to Freie Kameradschaften and right-wing hooligans to Pegida supporters, is acting together. "The right-wing scene is currently moving closer together," says Samuel Salzborn, a professor at the University of Gottingen.

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United nations “climate week”: ice age in the hot age

Monday marks the start of "Climate Week" at the UN General Assembly. Climate is just barely a priority for most governments right now.

As big as Paris: the recent ice break at the glacier Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden in Greenland Photo: ESA/ap

The weather at least provides the right backdrop: The U.S. West Coast is on fire, in the southeastern U.S. there is just another hurricane alert. Huge forest areas are burning in the Amazon, in the Brazilian swamp area Pantanal and in Siberia.

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Column god and the world: shying away from historical truth

The GEW foundation is named after Max Traeger. He stands as an example for the many teachers who served National Socialism.

The National Socialist Teachers’ Association (NSLB) was also in line with the NS. Here Hitler strives for the German youth, 1934 Photo: imago/Sepp Spiegl

No political force is currently more needed than the unions. If anything, they are in a position to successfully stand up to racist and xenophobic sentiments. A special role is played by those unions that are active in the areas of care, education and training: Verdi as well as the GEW, i.e. the trade union for education and science founded in 1948, which calls itself an education trade union and wants to fight for equal opportunities, co-determination, social security as well as for democracy.

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Mali after the parliamentary election: opposition leader wanted

Weeks ago, gunmen kidnapped opposition leader Soumaila Cisse. He is still gone. Is the government now talking to the Islamists?

Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, president of Mali, during the first round of the parliamentary election on April 19 Photo: Habib Kouyate/XinHua/dpa

It has been a month since Soumaila Cisse, leader of the opposition in Mali, disappeared. The leader of the Union for Republic and Democracy (URD) disappeared shortly before the first round of parliamentary elections in late March in his home constituency of Niafunke in the Timbuktu region, where he was campaigning. It quickly became clear that Islamist terrorists had him in their power.

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Rigaer strabe divides police leadership: police chief undeterred

Police chief Kandt should have known that the partial evacuation of Rigaer94 was illegal. His vice president had warned early on, they say.

Demonstration in front of Riager94 in July 2016 Photo: dpa

Whether the topic of video surveillance, the establishment of a position for an independent police commissioner or the abolition of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution – there is much to discuss when the Red-Red-Green coalition meets to discuss the topic of internal security. Police Commissioner Klaus Kandt will also be discussed. With still Interior Senator Frank Henkel (CDU), Kandt is immovably linked to the scandal around Rigaer Strabe 94, which took its course in the summer.

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Commentary on the refugee issue: pity for sigmar gabriel

Sigmar Gabriel’s attempt to position himself somewhere between Seehofer and Merkel on the refugee issue is an expression of pure desperation.

He is left with only a supporting role: Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). Photo: dpa

The political debate has moved to the right in recent months. Even the frontwoman of the Left Party and some Greens suddenly sound like the CSU, and it is striking increasingly shrill notes. But this shift to the right will hardly prevent the AfD from entering the next state parliaments in March – and probably the Bundestag in 2017 as well.

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