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Sexual violence in nigeria: #justiceforvera

After the deaths of several young women, Nigeria is debating rape and abuse. Many are calling for perpetrators to be punished.

No means no: Women protest against sexual violence in Abuja on May 5 Photo by Afolabi Sotunde/reuters.

The death of 22-year-old Vera Uwaila Omozuwa has sparked a wave of outrage in Nigeria, especially on social media. The microbiology student had been raped and murdered at the end of May. The crime scene: a church in Benin City in the south of the country, of all places.

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Magazine death in corona times: several thick ends at once

The pop magazine "Spex" and the Berlin city magazine "Zitty" are being discontinued due to a lack of advertising revenue. Was this foreseeable?

Editorial offices of "Zitty" in 1991 Photo: taz Archive

One thing right away: Print is not completely dead. And cultural and music journalism are still alive. Even if they are currently missing concerts and other events due to the pandemic. And yet, for some it may have felt like several thick ends at once when it was recently announced almost simultaneously that the pop magazine Spex and the Berlin city magazine Zitty were to be discontinued. The Corona crisis was blamed for the closure in both cases. Spex had existed as a print magazine and most recently digitally for 40 years, Zitty even for 43. And now a pandemic is supposed to have dealt them the death blow? Or had there already been signs of the approaching demise of both magazines?

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Eu stability pact: green pact so far only on paper

The new EU economic commissioner wants to review deficit rules to finance more climate protection. Germany is skeptical.

EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Gentiloni wants more climate protection Photo: Yves Herman/reuters

The European Union is considering relaxing strict debt rules to promote sustainable growth and finance the European Green Deal. The controversial Stability Pact needs to be put to the test, said new EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni. The review should begin as early as January.

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