Fatal stabbing in kandel: afd fuels hysterical debate

The AfD is brutally exploiting the death of a 15-year-old girl long before the details are clear. The controversial issue of family reunification lacks any lobby.

Time to mourn? Not for the AfD Photo: dpa

In Berlin, a 19-year-old tried to drown his ex-girlfriend in the Havel River last Wednesday; in Darmstadt, two days later, a 16-year-old stabbed his former girlfriend and critically injured her; this Wednesday, in Kandel, Rhineland-Palatinate, a 15-year-old killed a girl of the same age with a kitchen knife in a drugstore.

Because these three acts are committed by young asylum seekers from Afghanistan, they fuel the already sometimes hysterical discussion about the dangers allegedly posed by asylum seekers. AfD politicians in particular are instrumentalizing the event for their polemics against policies on foreigners and the allegedly too lenient criminal justice system.

In the Kandel case, however, authorities and political leaders will have to answer some unanswered questions. It is early afternoon when, on the first business day after Christmas, the 15-year-old and his former girlfriend meet in a drugstore in Kandel. The young man is from Afghanistan. He entered Germany as an unaccompanied refugee in April 2016. After initial reception and temporary accommodation, he has been living in a boys’ shared apartment in Neustadt an der Weinstrabe for three months.

The later perpetrator and his victim are temporarily a couple. At the beginning of December, the 15-year-old girl ends the relationship. The young man does not want to accept this and threatens his ex-girlfriend. The girl’s parents report him in mid-December for insulting, coercing, threatening and violating personal rights. The police investigate the matter. They contacted the young man by telephone on December 17 and "in person on December 18.

Police Vice President Eberhard Weber speaks of a "dangerous person’s talk" at the press conference the day after the crime. Here, the alleged stalker is urgently pointed out to the legal situation, with the threat of sanctions. "As a rule, such speeches bear fruit," says Weber. But this affair is getting out of hand. Supposedly by chance, the two meet in the drugstore in Kandel on the Wednesday after Christmas. An argument ensues. The young man pulls a knife and stabs. Police Vice President Weber nevertheless assures that there are "no indications of negligence on the part of the authorities."

AfD Federal Chairwoman Weidel Rocks Herself into a Frenzy

The state parliamentary group of the right-wing populist AfD has put its censure on record as a precautionary measure, even before the police and the public prosecutor’s office had provided information about the facts. The parliamentary group has submitted a report request to the Ministry of Integration and the Ministry of the Interior. There will therefore be parliamentary repercussions in the relevant committees.

The AfD’s federal chairwoman, Alice Weidel, has already gone further. She calls for "transparency," but complains that the "attack is being relativized as an act of a relationship," and adds: "We will probably learn in the next few hours that the perpetrator is mentally unstable and had a difficult childhood. The echo in the social media is corresponding. There are sweeping polemics against the "cuddly justice", there is talk of a "chronic tolerance hypnosis". Men from Afghanistan are generally said to have a "higher jealousy quotient.

Family reunification for the relatives of asylum-seeking children and young people has long since ceased to be a lobby. In Kandel, the death of the young girl shocked many. There has never been such an act of violence, assures the mayor. People show grief and sympathy. In front of the drugstore, the scene of the dramatic events, they have placed candles and laid flowers.