Prepper network with enemies list: affected persons are informed

A police officer and a lawyer from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are said to have issued death lists. Now the first people affected are being informed.

Mecklenburg’s Ministry of the Interior has so far not considered it necessary to inform those affected Photo: dpa

Since last Friday, several people in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have received mail from the Federal Criminal Police Office. "Witness summons" is written in it as the subject. And then the crime under investigation: "Suspicion of preparation of a serious act of violence endangering the state." It is about right-wing extremist terror plans. As became known after a meeting of the state interior committee in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania last Thursday, 29 people are said to be involved.

Investigators accuse a lawyer from Rostock and a criminal police officer from West Mecklenburg of having created lists of politicians, activists, people from the left-wing spectrum. These, according to the accusation, wanted to kill the two men on a day X. What the letter does not say: The witnesses are not only summoned because they might know something about the planned crime. They are among those who were on the list.

Federal prosecutors have been investigating the two men in northern Germany for two years, and the allegations became known when the Federal Criminal Police Office conducted raids on the defendants and four witnesses in August 2017. In addition to an unspecified amount of weapons and ammunition, the investigators had also found a collection of personal data, excerpts from public registers, Internet searches, some with handwritten notes.

This list, described as a "loose collection of sheets", is said to have come from the Rostock lawyer Jan-Hendrik H.. The second defendant, criminal police officer Haik J., is suspected of having used his office computer to research these individuals. Jan-Hendrik H. is a lawyer from Rostock who also held a seat in the city parliament. Among the people who have now been informed by the BKA are, according to taz information, state parliament members of the Left Party, several members of the city parliament, as well as experts who were invited to committees in which H. was a member.

Left demands clarification

"I actually already expect answers from an interior minister, who is also a fellow member of the state parliament, on how to deal with such lists," says Eva-Maria Kroger of the Left Party. "We have asked several times who is on it, but have not received any information. I find that extremely problematic." She is one of several members of the state parliament who have now been summoned. People who, according to their own information, do not know Jan-Hendrik H. personally have now also been summoned.

They are involved in a Rostock citizens’ alliance against the right. Other people involved organize the commemoration of the deceased NSU victim Mehmet Turgut, who was shot in Rostock. is said to have organized a shooting competition on the occasion of a celebration, according to a witness statement – as a prize there was a trophy named after Mehmet Turgut. The two defendants are part of a network of so-called preppers, i.e. people who prepare for disasters.

For this purpose, they had met with about 30 other like-minded people, sometimes to practice water purification or to abseil from towers. They also networked in chat groups. Known under the names "Nord", "Nordkreuz" or "Vier gewinnt". They are part of a nationwide network with similar chat groups, which were led by a central person. His name: Andre S. Also known as Hannibal.

What is special about this group is that among its members are police officers, soldiers, reservists and government employees – people, in other words, whose job it is to protect and maintain the state. Instead, they are preparing for its collapse. Some of them are also said to have apparently planned to use the collapse – to intern and kill their enemies.

Information flow falters

Following the search, investigators had passed on data to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and issued a threat assessment. Since then, it has been the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior and the subordinate security authorities in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to inform the listed persons of any potential danger.

The state interior ministry of CDU minister Lorenz Caffier had always emphasized that, based on the available information, notification was not considered necessary because no danger was apparent. In Bavaria, on the other hand, at least one person was informed, for example. Now the affected persons in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are learning from a federal authority that their data has been collected.

Only last week, there had been searches in the Nordkreuz area: Four former and active officers of the Mecklenburg special task force SEK are accused of having stolen ammunition from police stocks. During the searches, several tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition were found on one of the suspects, as well as an Uzi-type submachine gun.

The man is already known: Marko G., he had founded and administered the Nordkreuz group. During the investigations against Jan-Hendrik H., the former long-distance scout and later police officer had been searched as a witness. Even then, the BKA found numerous weapons and ammunition. He is currently in custody, as is another defendant.