Why are automotive news latina and southern california so much about hydrogen fuel cells?

In Latin America, automotive news is not just about cars and the technology that go along with them. It’s about the people that work in every element of the auto industry from design to marketing to service. If you are planning a trip to Latin America, be sure to bring your laptop or blackberry so you can keep up on the auto industry in that region.

automotive news latin america

In Detroit, Michigan, March of Dimes gives free medication to women who have not given birth within 12 months. Free dental care is provided to people with low-income families. These organizations work with local communities and provide services to people in need. There are also soup kitchens where families are fed and offered free food. Food is prepared and distributed by volunteers.

The folks at the Latin American version of "Caravan", "The Insider" did a story on Mexico’s new auto trade policies. According to the article, Mexico is creating a new auto body industry and plan to have 100 auto plant plants over the next 10 years. The article says that, in the long run, Mexico will need American labor to build cars because their own citizens do not have the background or skills needed. According to the article, the Mexican auto makers say they will train their workers in the United States, but the process still takes time. Some wonder how well Mexico will perform once the workers are trained.

Toyota’s (Motorsport) World Series racing program is coming to Canada. Will Canadian fans get the chance to see their favorite race car, the Toyota Racing Lexus RC? Could this event be the beginning of a big war between North American automobile makers? We shall see.

What about Honda’s plans for the future? Honda will produce small hybrid cars in Mexico and Asia. Will these cars compete with Toyota, Mercedes Benz and BMW? It’s possible that the Japanese company could start building small hybrid cars under license in several countries including Mexico and Japan. Is this what makes automotive news every week? Could this affect Honda’s future sales in the United States?

Toyota has already made trips to China and the Philippines to test their new line of hybrid cars. Will the company also make a trip south of the border to test out the hydrogen fuel cell car? No company is too big to leave a hole in their pocket, so why not try something new? It’s possible that the hydrogen fuel cell could be a competitor to Honda’s new FCX concept car. If they do indeed collaborate on these joint ventures, we could soon see a lot more Honda cars on the streets of California and Texas.

Is the auto bailout going to affect corporate taxes in the U.S.? The bailout money pumped into the American automotive industry came from an unlikely source – the government. Most people didn’t see it coming and haven’t even heard of it. Nevertheless, the manufacturers are feeling the pinch because, if the carmakers don’t make new vehicles, they won’t get paid. GM and Chrysler are both in deep trouble right now with the auto bailout but Toyota is much more protected because they are a large company with many state-of-the-art plants around the country.

Where will North Carolina lead the way for new hybrid vehicles? Right now, the state is second only to California when it comes to car sales. But the Tar Heel State may well be the next front-runner as car buyers in the Carolinas and neighboring states take advantage of the incentives being offered by GM and Chrysler. Who knows? Maybe soon, we’ll look back at the Great Recession as the catalyst for changing car buying habits in the U.S.

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