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Ellen Dennehy is an automotive writer and news writer for DIY Car Fan. She has also written for Car Dealer magazine, The New York Times, and Consumer Reports. She covers the auto industry in California and writes about new and used cars, classic cars, hybrid cars, high mileage cars, sports cars, and trucks. In her regular column she talks about buying a car, or how to finance a car, or how to prepare yourself for the purchase of your next vehicle. Recently she wrote an article about buying cars with bad credit.

ellen dennehy automotive news

If you are having difficulties getting your loan approved with your bank, you may want to check out Ellen’s website. There are many articles on how to prepare for this uncertain time in the automobile industry and how to use the recession to your advantage. The article was done in response to a recent increase in foreclosures throughout the country. Foreclosure prices have been on the rise for the past year and it seems that now is the time to get out of the industry as fast as possible.

Many people are confused by the fact that the world of automobiles is still going strong during this economic crisis. They are afraid that when the banks fail and the economy falls apart that there would be no business left. But in the meantime they could make good on their promises to people who own a car or truck. Ellen does provide some good information in the article. One thing she says is that people should start looking for coupons for dealerships even before they are faced with the possibility of losing their car and home.

Now you may wonder where you would find these coupons. Most people do not think about the free newspapers that many people subscribe. In the past many people would wait until their obituary printed to see if they would receive any coupons for used cars. You might not get the discount that you would get from the newspaper but you might save enough money to put gas in the tank instead of being stranded in the city.

This is one reason why she wrote her book. She realized that people were having a hard time making ends meet in this economy and had almost lost everything they had saved. She realized that most people did not realize how important their cars were to them until the time of crisis. That is why she wrote this book and made sure that people read it and understood how important a good economy and the buying decisions that people make truly are. She is a big fan of American cars and has spent her life studying them.

By reading her articles you will learn how the American car industry keeps going strong. You will also get to learn about some of the new cars that are being introduced each year. If you love American cars, then you will not want to miss out on anything that Ellen Denny has to say about them. If you are in the automotive field, then you will definitely want to get a copy of her latest articles.

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